How to Encourage a Culture of Innovation in a Tech Firm?

Written by Talal Al Awadhi

Talal Al Awadhi is the CEO of KUWAITNET. He is responsible for leading the company’s fast-growing business in Kuwait and across the region. A seasoned technology entrepreneur, with a special interest in fintech and Internet infrastructure. A visionary by nature, Talal has a strong track record of executive management and over 20 years’ experience bolstering growth within the technology industry in Kuwait.

Innovation makes the world go round!

You might have heard this before, but one cannot stress enough on how it is paramount that innovation be granted a special status amongst the building blocks of a progressive world.

The last three decades have seen more advancement in (modern) technology than any previous period of time. And this boom in technological advancement has given birth to a new breed of professionals; a breed with a perpetual hunger for more!

With the emergence of a countless number of players in this zone, many an establishment has risen to the very pinnacle, many have stayed at the top, and many have collapsed, not having been able to keep up with the tremendous pace at which the technology sector was and is still advancing.

The key here is INNOVATION! Today the most dangerous place that a technology firm can find itself, is in the “comfort zone”! Complacency is a brutal assassin!

Having said that, the first thing that any ambitious and enterprising tech firm should understand and recognize, is the vitality of the human asset. Then comes the effectiveness of each individual as a professional. And as long as the innovative spirit of any professional is properly fueled, there’s no turning back. The success, or the failure, of any organization is directly impacted by the way the flames of innovation are fanned.

It is absolutely imperative that a culture of innovation be encouraged and nurtured in any organization, and more so in a technology firm. A large part of this responsibility lies with the stakeholders of the organization. Though this may sound simple, it has to actually be a deliberate and concerted effort at different levels in the organization. Motivation is another major key factor here, and different departments within the organization would need to work in tandem to detect, record, evaluate, and appraise every innovative effort that employees put in.

Financial rewards are a very popular motivator, and monetary benefits work wonders in most cases. But one thing that can be said of technology professionals, is that though money is a universal motivator, it is recognition and accolades that are the key motivating factors in the technological world.

It would bode well for a technology organization to invest time, funds, and resources dedicated to driving innovation as an exclusive initiative. A focused approach to such an initiative, would not only encourage employees to push their mental faculties towards an innovation, but will also bring obvious benefits to the organization as a whole.

There are a plethora of things that can be undertaken in this view; regular brainstorming sessions, a structured workflow of sharing best-practices, forming ad-hoc collaborative teams for specific projects, and the list could very well go on.

In conclusion, it could be nut-shelled by saying that the success of a technology firm can only be ensured with a structured and well-defined approach towards INNOVATION, coupled with the shedding of any resistance to change, embracing an industry-disruptive game plan, and focusing on a culture that is conducive to recognizing and rewarding individual contributions to the positive growth of the organization.

INNOVATION does make the world go round after all!

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