We are Agile, Committed and Innovative

Written by Talal Al Awadhi

Talal Al Awadhi is the CEO of KUWAITNET. He is responsible for leading the company’s fast-growing business in Kuwait and across the region. A seasoned technology entrepreneur, with a special interest in fintech and Internet infrastructure. A visionary by nature, Talal has a strong track record of executive management and over 20 years’ experience bolstering growth within the technology industry in Kuwait.

In these times where technological advancements are so fast-paced, corporate innovation is crucial for established companies looking to stay relevant. Innovation has become vital to businesses today that it is encouraged in industry verticals from banking, finance, health, and telecom.

Companies are investing to establish small teams. These innovation teams can focus on anything from establishing new business models, creating new services or products, and improving internal processes or visions and helping companies pull through.

Like many industries, we tried to do what we could to navigate the Covid-19 environment. At the onset, KUWAITNET was prepared to move immediately online and enable the employees to work from home. We limited our service hours, adopted online tools, and began using various collaborative team meeting tools. This helped us minimize employee exposure, yet maintaining our productivity. We now operate with our entire team online, serving our clients at their best.

The companies that succeed will balance the need to look both inward and toward the horizon and act with empathy, courage, and vision times like these demands.

These companies should keep four priorities in mind as they do so.

1. Communication is key: Having a communication plan is crucial. As soon as we started work from home, proper communication channels became our priority. We set a proper plan for communication with our employees about our policies, with clients about how we will move forward during the crisis, with the bank about any concessions that might be available. We used online collaborative tools, and many of our partner's services for teamwork to hold the online meeting and conduct business. In the beginning, it was mostly about what our people need, their mental health, how they will manage themselves and work through the crisis. Then there was long line of things that we looked into to maintain continuity— presales, sales, operations, IS and DevOps, and finance to work efficiently.

 2. Visualize a positive outcome: We always visualized that we'd be successful in the end, and we'd come out of this stronger. These small psychological things made a difference and helped us all to keep a unified vision of what was on the other side, and it truly helped.

3. Our Champions: played a key role in our ability to stay ahead of any situation we would face and always looked out for the entire team. These "champions" were always optimistic, and they held the ground and protected our position. Everyone pitched in, and one of the reasons we're still here is the energy of the people who understood what they had to do. They're shining stars of energy and positivism, coming up with creative ideas. 

4. View the crisis as an opportunity: Winston Churchill said, "Never waste a good crisis." We all took the time to look into the different processes that were outdated; we introduced new procedures in all the departments, all aiming to serve our customers better. We continue to innovate and think creatively to contribute positively to our clients and our partners. 

At KUWAITNET, we want to think big, be agile and innovative, and take risks while working collaboratively in our neighborhoods to create a significant positive impact on society, for our clients and partners. 


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Agile, Committed, Innovative,