Why KUWAITNET Opts for Internal-Learning Programs & Webinars?

Written by Dacian Popute

Father, Husband, Web Developer, and a tech passionate.

KUWAITNET is an innovation-driven platform that believes regularly investing in employee development is equivalent to investing in the organization's success. At KUWAITNET, we strive to provide several learning programs and webinars for our employees and try to create a workplace, i.e., flexible, adaptive, and always ready for change. 

Webinars and Seminars

Webinars or web seminars are video demonstrations, workshops, or lectures that are hosted online, commonly via webinar software. Webinars are extremely interactive, business-associated and enable us to share certain information regarding the ongoing projects as well as the production environment. Publishing informative articles is also a very productive way of conveying essential information to the employees.

Purpose of Webinars and Other Learning Programs 

We conduct these learning programs with the purpose of connecting with all the employees and motivating them, and also the management can introduce fresh new changes in the organization.

  • Employee Training and Team Meetings

Webinars are very effective if you have a remote team; team meetings and training can be conducted without any hassle. Webinar training is the finest way to pass on the information and teach practical skills to the employees, and in this form, the content is more engaging as compared to written material.

  • Solutions to the Problems

Online seminars establish you as a reliable and trustworthy source of information in the organization. We personally provide explanations and solutions that the employees seek, which clear out all their doubts. Webinars can be recorded, which are highly beneficial and valuable content that we share with our employees. 

  • Coach and Connect with Employees 

This helps us coach and fresh onboard employees in a fun and light way, as we think it's always better to clarify important subjects’ matters by talking. Every webinar we perform gives us several branding opportunities. With webinars, we are able to connect and communicate with the employees. 

  • Motivation to the Employees 

Internal learning programs like webinars, articles, etc., are also a source of motivation for the employees. Motivated employees turn out to be the biggest asset of an organization; they make the best and optimum used resources, an increased level of efficiency, and the dynamism nature is itself an achievement. 

  • Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

Finance is the most imperative aspect of every type of organization; online learning programs are a highly economical form of connecting with a wide range of employees in a trouble-free and simpler manner. These also save a great deal of time for both management and junior staff. 

The Final Say

The above-mentioned are some of the attributes why we focus on proposing well-framed webinars and programs within the organization. In this fast-moved era, these internal webinars offer us ways to share knowledge effectively and let our employees set the same tone as us.

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