KUWAITNET Epitomizing Excellence by Partnering with Cloudflare

Written by Varghese George

Mr. Varghese is the Senior Manager for Technology Services Division providing the best of Back-up and Security Solutions to our clients.

Driven by extreme innovations, ahead of time revolutions, and ever-evolving ideas, we at KUWAITNET always strive to deliver the best to our clients. And, in order to do the same, we aspire to become the best version of ourselves. Partnering with Cloudflare is one of the steps to go ahead on the ever-lasting path of innovations and advancements. KN takes immense pride in announcing itself as the only Cloudflare partner in Kuwait.

Let’s unfold the mystery by revealing all the facets one by one:

What is Cloudflare & Why KUWAITNET Partnered with It?

Cloudflare, Incorporated is an American e-commerce web infrastructure and content delivery network company that offer end-to-end cloud hosting and multi-vendor e-commerce solutions. Cloudflare services sit in between the hosting provider of a site and the visitor to the site, acting as a gateway for all other sites. In essence, Cloudflare provides a high-traffic website to which content can be added without any delays. Cloudflare offers a scalable network, allowing the sites to handle huge amounts of traffic without any degradation in site performance. In addition, Cloudflare is highly redundant and facilitates great internet security, reliability, and speed. Some of the features of Cloudflare include Minification, Free SSL, HTTP/2 Protocol, Cloud WAF, DNS Security, WebSockets, Browser Caching, and Image Optimization.

Our Achievements & Certifications

We have more than seven certified engineers on our team. Also, KUWAITNET has won the Certification Champions of the Year and Partner System Engineers of the Year. Earning such milestones makes KUWAITNET exquisite and the worthiest to deliver quality solutions. After attaining these certifications, the sky is the limit for us. Our team members work incessantly to come up with the best possible solutions for our clients and assist the company in leading from thriving to striving with their utmost efforts. With Cloudflare, we intend to amp up the possibilities for our clientele and wish to become a one-stop solution for all their network needs.

To know more visit us on https://kuwaitnet.com/partner/cloudfare 

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