Restlessly Ambitious

Written by Noor Faruki

A thrill seeker, traveler and a Marketer by day and a full time mom by night. Noor Faruki is the marketer at KUWAITNET responsible for marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsor-ships.

When the company was established 20 years ago, we wanted to give ourselves room to explore and explore we did :). We had a lot of successes, some quick failures, but we’re fortunate to have reached a scalable business model.

We learned that at our core, we’re passionate about launching tech products, innovating — and helping these apps/products/businesses succeed in every way.

Many companies are incredibly diverse and complicated, but every successful company has , three things in common: a compelling, clear vision, great culture, and meaningful clients and partnerships.


Before I dive too deep into the content, I wanted to share an application of it using KUWAITNET  as an example.


Our Vision is  Concentrated, meaningful and communicated well to the team. From the CEO to the interns, everyone understands where the company is going and how it applies to what they need to do this week, month and quarter.


The reality is that employees spend more time with their team than they do with their families. If they don’t genuinely believe the company is working on things that matter, feel equally challenged and appreciated, and love they simply won’t last. Creating a great culture requires intentional and consistent focus, starting at the top.

At KUWAITNET unlocking the value and potential of an employee means aligning their role in the company with their interests and long-term career goals. As a result, there exists a culture of curiosity about each other’s passions and honesty about one’s career objectives, whether it is within or outside of the company. This culture helps place team members in roles and projects where they are most enthusiastic and self-motivated.


We are fortunate to work with and partner with organizations that are doing meaningful work. We have worked on big government projects and worked with Entrepreneurs by helping them take courageous steps towards an uncertain but more hopeful future.

The overall line of the projects in which we dive is that they are meaningful. Of course, not all the projects of our clients are perfectly altruistic - but we only work with meaningful and valuable products; aligned with our values.

One of the strategies that guide us to work with great partners and to be proud of our work is how we rely on our mission and vision to decide which projects to go into and which ones to go through.

I asked around...Why do clients like working with KUWAITNET?

(Here's what I heard, fairly unfiltered and straight from the developers', clients and partners )

  • We never stop pushing the frontier of technology with our local and international partners.

  • Although we work with companies of all sizes, we have start-up roots ourselves and people like that. We can use this experience to help startups move quickly, but also to help customers with corporate innovation. The process is the same, and it works.

  • We like the customers saying "what do you think?" and taking advantage of our ideas. They want to work collaboratively to get the best outcome for their product. Hence, I think in that process we're adding a ton of value - so they end up with a great product at the end of the day.

  • Clients are in constant touch with the team working towards bringing their idea to reality. Our developers, sales project managers work directly with the client, so we become a team, and it makes communication clearer and more efficient.

  • Our team is excellent at clearly communicating technical and complex issues to people who have never dealt with such problems.

  • We understand the tradeoffs that need to be made at different levels of the budget, and we architect things in a way that facilitates future expansion and scalability.

  • Our preference is to take ownership of projects, and we are only working on ideas that we think are meaningful. So we're invested in the products personally and want to make sure they're technically edgy.

  • Our entrepreneurial mindset - we understand startups and the culture of startups that makes us reliable partner.

To conclude, many firms and startups rely on third-party consultants and development partners to carry out complex software projects–it's tough! But you can drastically increase your chances of success with the right team, process, and pre-work (all allowing iteration/change).

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