Maximizing Digital Resilience: A Deep Dive into Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

Written by Khalil Ibrahim

Khalil is an experienced Accounts Manager at KUWAITNET.

Data loss is a continual concern in today's connected world of cyber threats. Thus, Acronis has stepped up to offer a complete solution. Strong and comprehensive cyber protection is more important than ever, as an alarming proportion of people fail to back up their data. As per Acronis’ global report of 2022, 41% of people backup their data infrequently or never, and 61% say they would rather use an integrated solution. An increasingly linked world has made backup and cyber protection more important. It must be trustworthy, simple, and all-encompassing.

Under the leadership of Gaidar Magdanurov, Acronis establishes a new benchmark for comprehensive cybersecurity by enabling customers to protect their information, gadgets, and home offices with unmatched effectiveness and simplicity. In this blog by KUWAITNET, we will take a look at Acronis’ Cyber Protect Home Office built to defeat the continuous change of cyber threats through the integration of Acronis' unique cybersecurity and safe backup technologies. 

Modern office setting with a diverse group of people using laptops and smartphones, each device displaying a cybersecurity shield symbol, representing comprehensive protection by Acronis Cyber Protect.

Securing Your Digital World: Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office integrates cutting-edge cybersecurity and backup technology, safeguarding your data across all devices

Features of Acronis Cyber Protect Home


Using KUWAITNET's expertise, you can now easily be in control of your personal data with Acronis Cyber Protect Home features:  

  • Cyber Insurance for Peace of Mind

Accidents occur even in the digital world. The most recent projections state that by 2028, the global cost of cybercrime will be $13.82 trillion. That's why Acronis Cyber Protect gives cyber insurance as part of a package deal. If the worst situation happens, and you find yourself facing a cyber-incident, this insurance has your back. With expert help and up to $1 million in reimbursements for personal identity theft, you can breathe easy knowing you're covered. 

  • Remote Management

By utilizing remote management technologies, users may oversee and control their cybersecurity protocols from anywhere globally. This increased flexibility and simplicity enable a prompt reaction to any new dangers.

  • Mobile App and Backup

Although some mobile device manufacturers provide storage alternatives, they are often platform-specific, and families of devices may have a combination of operating systems. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office's advanced encryption and storage capabilities for any operating system are highlights, helping to safeguard data, files, calendars, contacts, and images on mobile devices. 

According to KUWAITNET, the solution also provides access to the Acronis mobile app to protect data on mobile devices. Users can access data from any location at any time through the app or online interface.


Acronis Cyber Protect Advantages for Users

KUWAITNET, being an Acronis Gold Service Partner, provides businesses in Kuwait with safety and security using Acronis Cyber Protect. Here is how:

  • Data Accessibility - Make sure to automatically create and preserve dependable backups of your data, storing them securely so you can access them promptly when needed.

  • Effective Defense - Remove complexity from your operations with a solution that integrates data protection, security controls, and malware prevention.

  • Lower Total Cost - Increase the effectiveness of your IT system, boost internal SLAs and performance, simplify training, and need less maintenance so that you can concentrate on more critical work.

  • No Downtime - Prevent expensive system outages from ransomware, defective hardware, setup mistakes, and unpatched vulnerabilities.

  • Quick Restore - With granular restore, full re-image, or Instant Restore, you can quickly restore your data to any device—workstations, mobile devices, servers, or virtual machines—in a hurry.


Acronis Cyber Protect's advantages for reseller partners

Patch management, URL filtering, vulnerability assessments, and security and endpoint management features are all included in one package with Acronis Cyber Protect.

  • A higher ARPU

Increase the breadth of your product offering by including various special data protection services. Using technologies to offer proactive assessments of client settings, you may upsell cyber protection services to your clients and boost margins and ARPUs.

  • Provide Managed Security

Increase your clients' safety and obtain money from other services without making a material investment, incurring additional costs, or hiring pricey security staff.

  • Better SLA

Fulfil your SLA obligations and gain the trust of your clients by assisting them in preventing downtime, guaranteeing prompt resolution, and permitting rapid restores when necessary.

  • Saving Time and Money

A single solution for all tasks—backups, onboarding, managing, monitoring, reporting, and assistance—will save overhead and boost efficiency. New hardware, personnel, or training are not required.

  • Reduced Churn Rate

Acronis Cyber Protect lowers churn rates while offering value for money, boosting customer happiness, and streamlining renewal processes. Your current clientele will be content and likely return, improving your company's financial stability.


Enhanced Security with KUWAITNET's Gold Service Acronis Solutions

Acronis' AI-powered cyber protection software is a huge benefit for KUWAITNET clients, a top technology IT firm and proud Acronis Gold Service Provider since 2018. KUWAITNET clients can now benefit from improved protection against a variety of cyber threats by adding Acronis' sophisticated cybersecurity capabilities to their digital armory. This collaboration demonstrates KUWAITNET's commitment to providing scalable, secure, and reliable solutions that support their clients' growth and productivity.

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