Brand Marketing - Where Does It Start?

Written by Noor Faruki

A thrill seeker, traveler and a Marketer by day and a full time mom by night. Noor Faruki is the marketer at KUWAITNET responsible for marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsor-ships.

Is Brand Marketing every employee's obligation? Most successful companies, marketers and business owners think so. 

Again, so is it really everyone’s responsibility? Definitely. However, just questioning doesn't make it happen. After the marketing strategy is decided, implemented and on its way to being executed, the responsibility for success usually rests on a handful of employees. The  C- Level of the company is responsible for successful marketing campaigns. The marketing wing,  if it exists, is in charge of spreading the message. In many situations, the sales force is well aware of its role in executing the marketing strategy.

How can you ensure further success? Keep in mind that the marketing department traverses into every department of the organization. Everybody in the organization should know about the marketing message, mission, and vision of the organization, and ought to reflect that message in all that they do that is related to the product and the clients.

What do WE DO? 

The best way to check if the marketing message has permeated the organization, you may conduct the 3-word test. 

Ask all the employees and the management to describe the organization in just three words. The results look like this - We sell domains, We build serves, We build Apps, etc. If the answers are widely divergent, then the marketing message is not clear among the internal audience. 

Communicating a compelling marketing message usually begins with the people in your business. The organization must answer the "What We Do" question and ensure that every employee understands it. This is the essential initial step in making every employee a marketer for the organization.

Next step is to add words to the 3-word statement in each case answering a question focusing on the services and customers.
EG -
We are an IT company (what we do) who work with startups to enterprises with an eye to the future (for whom) continually strives to ensure your business is empowered by the technologies (how) that help to fulfill your ambitions (unique preposition).

This statement then helps you fill your communication needs. The advantage of this exercise is that each employee who helped complete the sentence will carry the message to others outside the organization.

As much as we would like to rely exclusively on marketing activities for the growth of the company, every single employee of the organization plays a role in the success of the business.

Would you like to involve all your employees in Brand Marketing efforts?

Here are the best tactics that you should employ:

1. Hire employees who are a good fit with your brand and culture. This means that they should share the same values as you do.

2. Recognize and reward employees who take the initiative.

3. Clearly define your brand to your employees by aligning the mission statement, core company values and fundamental message of the company.

4. Make sure that everyone understands the common goal.

5. Initiate an incentive program to show that you appreciate your employee's hard work. 

6. Let your employees be themselves and capitalize on their talents.

7. Provide your employees with the right training programs

8. Create a positive work environment

Marketing communications are so much more than advertising and public relations. In today’s competitive marketplace, marketing communications are truly integrated, and the margin for error is narrow. As much as we like to think smart advertising will gain and retain a new customer, it is the marketing of customer service that will honestly keep your customers coming back. So that is the responsibility of everyone.

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