Google Tests A.I. Tool That Is Able to Write News Articles

Written by Syed Farooq

Taking technology one step ahead, Google has tested a commendable product utilizing artificial intelligence for generating news stories. These smart stories are intended for pitching to reputed news agencies like The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Needless to say, this product has been named “Genesis” with the ability to take information based on current events and create impeccable news content. Certainly, Google has been working towards smartening the ways of delivering information on the global front and Genesis is one such fine example. 

Purpose of Developing Genesis:

The purpose of creating Genesis is to provide personal assistance to journalists and news presenters. This will help them free up some time for other important tasks. Moreover, it has been seen as a productive technology empowering the publishing industry and saving from the drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence. Google has identified it as an important development in the field of Information and Broadcasting technology for simplifying the entire process. The matter is all about leaving a powerful impact on the audience with the information provided to them for creating awareness. The idea is to provide ample time for journalists to polish their skills and grow in the business. 

News organizations throughout the world are adamant about using smart tools related to artificial intelligence in their news studio. In this regard, agencies like The Times and Insider have had discussions with their employees on the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence. They wish to channelize the authentic flow of information without affecting accuracy as it stands significant for them. These prospective ideations have enabled organizations to understand the worth of Google’s “Genesis”. It is intended to curate the best information in less time and maintain high standards of authenticity.

Indeed, Google’s “Genesis” is sure to spur anxiety among journalists, who always preferred to write their own articles without any technological assistance. Here, authenticity and the assurance of facts hold prime importance as they are the pillars of a news organization. Though, a few organizations including Associated Press have been taking assistance from Artificial Intelligence in generating news content; they stand very less in proportion to the self-written content by the journalists. 

Essential Verdict for Genesis:

Some have seen “Genesis” as an essential development to fine-tune and simplify the tasks of journalists. On the other hand, many have described it as unsettling. Indeed, the development is said to take accuracy for granted and might affect the authenticity of the information. Moreover, it cannot match the accuracy provided by the articles written by journalists without any technical assistance. Reverting to the speculations, Google’s spokeswoman Jenn Crider has said that the partnerships with news agencies and publishing houses are in a discussion phase. Also, their purpose is to provide ample help to journalists to produce efficient content in less time. 

She further said that this tool is not intended to replace the brilliance of content provided by journalists or reporting. It will be more helpful in generating various writing skills and titles for the news pieces. Of course, the creativity lies at the hand of the journalist. The problem with the tool is that it has plus points and drawbacks that have left the global new agencies in a dilemma to use. Certainly, different news agencies like The Post and The Times have denied commenting on the spurring news. But, Jeff Jarvis (Journalism Professor) has vouched for the use of “Genesis” after authenticating its performance. In fact, he has said that this product can make or break the image of the news organization, depending on its performance. 

This technology has been announced as administrations around the world have asked Google to give technological attention to news outlets from its advertising revenue. This enabled Google to go for more partnerships with other news organizations in different countries as a part of their News Showcase program. Though many have criticized the technological development by Google, the company is intended to create a new space for information broadcasting for sure.

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