IT is important, but why?

Written by Jobin Joseph

Jobin Joseph is the Information Systems Manager.

Information technology is becoming the greatest buzzword in recent years. We are astonished to learn what it is and how it will be applied in real life in the upcoming future. There are IT experts who fear it could outsmart us. A miracle is depicted on the other side of the story when it comes to IT. Every individual has a different opinion and thoughts about IT. In comparison to humans, these machines are much better at performing analytical tasks such as simulations and predictions. 

As an entrepreneur, you may know that it is burdensome to do business transactions without any information. In the world of business, computers are used in every department and have become an integral part of daily operations.

Business success is driven by innovation, and innovation drives information technology. The use of IT can manage the business with ease. It has the potential to exchange and process data effectively and quickly. It involves both the hardware and software, database, and middleware automotive mechanism tools for the business. In this period, most companies are devoted to using information technology tools to ease the decision-making processes.

A blink of definition to information technology

The field of information technology involves applications and telecommunication used to store, retrieve, transmit and process electronic data to improve business operations.

IT assistance 

Information technology has changed the scenarios of businesses by providing solutions to the day-to-day business potholes. IT is not just an invention but also a comprehension to address the challenges. There are limitless models prepared to cultivate the lives of every individual.

The transformation can be seen today by installing software and hardware at every business level. If you look at the basic but significant need of business is to maintain monetary transactions. How has it evolved from paper to electronic? 

The contribution of IT to society is immense. New trends arise every year. Some recent examples are cloud computing, blockchain data, artificial intelligence, open source solutions, and so on. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is promoting the private sector. Not only this, but KSA has the vision to expand in multiple sectors. Various projects are already accepted here. The plan is to enhance government administration, quality infrastructure, and more approaches to a diversified economy are some key elements. The concept was to be set through the vision of 2035 and conveyed by market research. From a global perspective, telecommunication has experienced rapid growth.

Why IT? 

The most dominant industry in the world is IT. Everything related to computers or the internet in business comes under information technology. Let's begin with some essential areas where IT has transformed functionalities in the life of a business.

Communication - Communicating with a customer was difficult. Communication now happens very quickly due to advances in technology. A department can now provide information to its customer and vice versa. It has been made possible via the internet, telephones, emails, and fax. 

Finance and management - IT helps keep your finances and management organized. Managing business finances with software has become simple and more quickly. For managing staffing to customers solutions like CRM, and ERP are available.

Provide security - After technical advancements, businesses are concerned about the possibility of data breaches. IT provided the solutions to protect and save data from external imposters.

Improve marketing - Digital marketing has changed the way of promoting and selling goods. Finding target audiences on digital platforms is comparatively more convenient than in the traditional form of marketing.

Exhilarating technologies 

5G - The 5th generation of the cellular network is likely to be known as the trending establishment. This technology may change the shape of the internet in organizations. The speed of the internet will boost connectivity and working capabilities. 

Virtual transactions - Merchants and consumers are excited about contactless transactions in the current market. The countries like the USA, India, Japan, and Brazil have large users for real-time payments. This change has not only enhanced digitization but has also made it a lot easier to pay.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning - Without AI & ML, discussion on technology is incomplete. IT specialists are rapidly introducing new ideas for businesses to help achieve their goals. With ML algorithms, manual tasks are now automotive. Companies from all over the world are reducing financial waste with the help of artificial intelligence. It is also helping to improve overall operational efficiency.  

Advantages of technology in business

A number of benefits have been obtained from IT. A great amount of research and development 

is ongoing. Here we have enlisted some advantages:

  1. Helps in data storage systems or documents to protect the company's valuable records.

  2. Access to data from anywhere with the help of the internet and computers.

  3. Increase productivity and efficiency

  4. An automotive business process with software and applications.

  5. Reduce business costs

How to choose the right technology for your business?

Having technical aspirations is the best approach for scalable business growth. However, you have to pay the price for IT solutions. Determining your business needs is the first step before choosing technology for your business. To help analyze data, run troubleshoots problems, and fulfill requirements like safeguard information, The next step is to discuss this with your IT team and experts. 


Technology and modern business can be said, as two sides of the same coin. They work hand to hand. Results of technologies are impressive though sometimes the risk may leave scars. Therefore, the most significant part of the technology is understanding it before implementing it in your business. The same rule can be applied when selecting a payment system for your business transactions. Your payment system needs to be effective, quick, and secure. KUWAITNET  is one of its kind solution to all your technical queries.