5G Future of Various Industries

Written by Rabee Saad

Rabee leads the Enterprise Division and is one of the oldest employees at KUWAITNET.

5G has touched almost all the businesses and created new opportunities. There is not a single industry that is immaculate by benefits that were never observed, bringing the speed of the Internet; there are a few businesses that will give the primary indications of adoption and innovation.

Take a look at some industries that are the fastest recipients of 5G benefits in the mobile domain.

 1.) Internet of Things (IoT)

Faster than real-time speed and long battery life while making the communication - two benefits of 5G wireless networks are perfect conditions for the Internet of Things development.

 According to a recent survey conducted by Gartner among many representatives of different economic sectors, it was found that over 57% of total feedback givers think that IoT is the most promising thing for 5G mobile apps.

 5G Mobile Application Development Services will allow developers to work in IoT areas that make it essential to distinguish between 4 milliseconds and 40 milliseconds.

2.) Smart Cities

Finally, here with 5G, building, and development of smart homes, smart cities are now a reality. A true story of millions of sensors working seamlessly in real-time.

 Smart Cities is undoubtedly a unique platform for businesses as they will now be able to connect multiple devices with one mobile app.

 The perks will be enjoyed by someone who owns as many businesses as a smart city, which will help them to offer every single area of their service to a user of tens of connected devices in a single stroke.

  3.) AR/VR:

The time AR / VR, which used to be a growing trend, would eventually come to an end. Now, users can experience the real power of augmented reality and virtual reality in almost all phases of people's life.

 From attending a live event in LA to viewing the history of every room and turning to the monument while staying indoors in KUWAIT, AR / VR will now go mainstream with 5G.

 While the examples we have mentioned have a greater inclination towards entertainment, there are many other industries - healthcare, education, military, etc., that will see the benefit of the fact that on platforms where reality and virtual are the same.

 4.) Logistics and Production

Utilizing 5G applications will help improve remote-based sensor technology in complicated industries. The stability of automation systems will increase, and product quality will increase.

 Three-dimensional printing with 5G and robotics also allows for the design of smart plants. Remotely controlled machines reduce risk factors for those working at a problematic production facility.

 5.) Healthcare

All health-related barriers will be eliminated as soon as 5G comes into the picture. Hurdles such as remote patient monitoring and doctors are not able to deliver on time to patients who will get removed after receiving the 5G healthcare application.

 In addition, wearable devices associated with medical apps will be able to keep patient records better and then report in real-time as well.

 So above were the industries that are going to get an impact on 5G technology. Indeed, it is also going to bring transformation in mobile app development. But is the true picture that perfect?


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