Looking through the Glass : Covid-19

Written by Sakina Shabbir

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Kuwait City, Quarantine Day 31

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a huge shift in the lives of people across the world. It's almost like a silent chaos. Some say it's a war, some reminisce recession, some blame it on the fragility of the economy and some think we are spiraling into economic depression. This pressure has led world leaders to call for an easing of lock-down measures.

With crisis across the globe, where people are trying to survive, businesses trying to facilitate exchange of money and with healthcare systems overburdened, is there any good news about the Corona pandemic?

Will looking through the glass ever get less blurry?

To answer to that, Governments, Societies and even Economists across the world seem to be positive about the greater good the pandemic will bring.

Let's understand how.

1. Internet game goes strong

"The virus changed the way we internet." An article in NY Times stated that with the movie theaters closed, no restaurants to dine-in, no malls to shops & with work from home, people have been spending more of their lives online.

2. Big Tech Booms

Amazon is hiring aggressively to meet customer demands. Traffic has soared on Netflix, Facebook and YouTube. And cloud becomes basic to home workers.

3. We realize that National Boundaries are artificial

The virus doesn't recognize frontiers. In a world where we assume that boundaries are significant, it doesn't do any harm to be reminded of the basic fact that humans occupy the world. Hence, cooperation between nations is essential to combat the epidemic.

4. Organizations rethink Business

Businesses are now forced to rethink their value chains to maximize efficiency and profits. Remote work becomes strategic thus restructuring communication, socialization and coordination.

5. Silver Lining for Mother Earth

Climate Change has been pushed out of the headlines. As much as I don't want to sound like an environmentalist, I think we all could agree on this one. With factories and refineries shutting down, lock-down resulting into vacant roads, China banning wildlife trade, we definitely leave a room for the planet to breathe & animals to co-exist.

Having stated some of the positives, one can't ignore the flip side of the coin.

What is clear is that all these scenarios may leave some ground for fear, but also some for hope. Covid-19 is highlighting some serious deficiencies in our existing systems. An effective response to this is likely to result in a radical change. The upside of this is the possibility that we come out more resilient in the face of future pandemics & other impending crises.

We'd love to know how you are holding up. Comment below and let us know.

Image : Information Age 

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