Simple Tips to Keep in Mind when Developing a Mobile App

Written by Abdelrahman Elghandour

Abdelrahman Elghandour is currently a Senior Projects Lead in KUWAITNET. With a degree in Information Technology & Computing , he has contributed to many projects since June 2016. He loves Traveling. He believes the more you travel and experience new places, the more open your mind will be to new things.


1. How Will You Develop the Mobile App?

The 1st Step is to make sure all your options are clear and transparent. You could choose from:

- Hybrid (for use on several platforms),

- Native (for use on one platform only), or

- Web-based mobile app development (Like- Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Google Maps. The app downloads content from online each time it is run).

2. Compatibility and Screen Size

Every business will want a visually pleasing app. Compatibility with the right smartphones is an integral part of the development. Above all, if the app keeps crashing, it will only result in frustrated customers reluctant to use the services or products in the times to come. Bear in mind that Android and Apple need very different development procedures, frameworks, and elements.

3. Attractiveness

There are millions of apps on the digital market today. One distinction of a successful application from merely an average one is the capacity to generate profits for extended periods. The app must catch the attention of your target audience and keep the users interested. Get familiar with the basics of an app promotion. Seek guidance from experts with proven expertise in the field.  One may use unconventional marketing to break into the market and get noticed.

4. Performance

The performance of an app may be assessed based on several criteria. Do crashes or bugs occur? Does it take up a lot of device memory? Will the battery life be affected? Make sure there is enough QA  testing before the app is released into the market. If the app keeps running in the background and drains the battery or keeps crashing, users will uninstall it.

5. Budget

An efficient application will be heavy on the pocket, but it will definitely pay off. Pursue quality. It would help to have a clear idea of the costs that will be incurred and where the funding will be approved. Plan the budget accordingly. Remember that quality is key and treat the development as an investment that should bring returns. Do not settle for a mediocre team for the sake of making savings.


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