Future Technology that will change the world

Written by Mohammed Mushtaque

The year 2022 has been of breakthrough regarding all the new technological development that has taken place around us. This ever-evolving part of our daily lives has been unstirred even though covid had been calling shots for the past year. We have witnessed incredible growth in technology, with a massive rise in tech innovation in the fields of medicine, healthcare, education, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Needless to say, technologies are transforming our lives today.

The technologies that have allowed the ever-evolving growth of internet and software products - are breaking milestones after milestones. Once an app that had been sitting idly on your phone has now taken over the factors of payment and storing data. With a contact-free world that has come into existence - these technologies have allowed a great change and support the way we do our normal business.

Augmented reality is one of the big examples that show how much technology has grown, this technology allows you to interact with objects that have been superimposed in our reality. This technology has taken decades to be made into what it is today - now you won’t have to go to a store to figure out which makeup suits you the best, scan your face through the application and try on different makeups to figure out which one you should buy.

Life-changing technologies

Do you think technology has a positive impact on our society? Does technology assist rather than deter? Do you believe that technologies promise a brighter future? If the answer to all the questions is yes, then you have understood the purpose of bringing technology into our everyday life. 

  1. Edge computing - As the business grows so does the pool of data, Edge computing has made it possible to store data on one platform. As it is reshaping Information Technology and the way business conducts its “business”.

Creating a platform that pools together all the required information of the business and brings it closer to the device where it is being gathered, rather than relying on a place that is far away from the central location. This also allows real-time business insights, the technology doesn’t allow latency that may affect the real purpose of its existence.

  1. Human augmentation - This is a part of technology that focuses on the enhancement of human abilities through science and technology. It has a wide scope with keen research it is difficult to categorise human augmentation. Technology has come a long way in assisting humans to overcome any disability that they face. 

Human Augmentation technology includes both implants and external devices. The first option tends to involve medical intervention, which is why it is referred to as invasive. Due to its easy removal and lack of medical intervention, the second is considered non-invasive. Depending upon the needs the technology can be developed to improve the productivity and ability of a person.

  1. Artificial intelligence - We have heard this term an ample amount, AI is the stimulation of human intelligence into machines. These are known as smart machines that perform tasks which require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence's expansive goal has raised many questions and debates. Consequently, there is no universal definition of the field.

The ability to reason and take actions that have the best likelihood of reaching a certain objective is the ideal quality of artificial intelligence. Machine learning (ML), a subtype of artificial intelligence, is the idea that computer programmes can automatically learn from and adapt to new data without human assistance.

  1. Quantum computing - Quantum computing has revolutionized computing in 2022. Resolving issues that cannot be solved by normal computers and information technology. Quantum computing is the future of technology that takes its backing from quantum theory. It uses a combination of bits to perform specific computational processes.

It is a developing technology that will change the way we operate in the world through the internet. This is what Quantum Computation vision is all about-solving massive problems with computers.

  1. Home wifi getting stronger - Something that seemed so foreign 20 years back, has grown so immensely - the Internet is now a part of our everyday life. Without the internet, it definitely would not be possible to function. The Internet has changed the way we conduct our business. 

Wi-fi technology has only been growing since its existence, and we can only imagine how things would pan out in the future. Though, it is sure that the internet will build up to be even stronger and better.

  1. Autonomous driving - This has recently been introduced, but automated driving was something we witnessed in James Bond movies. Bringing it into reality shows what more we can achieve on the technological front. 

Automated driving is the epitome of technological transformation and it is the future. When we are unable or unwilling to drive ourselves, automated driving systems, often known as automated automobiles, may one day be able to undertake the entire driving process.

As time progresses so will the technology. Our future rests in technological development as this is the only way forward. To improve our standard of living through software that makes our life and daily business easy to manage and maintain.

We can say confidently that technologies will bring a widespread change in the year 2022, and it is still unravelling how it will change the future. 

Final thoughts

Every year we hear news about innovations and inventions. We are surrounded and emerging with technology. Similarly, KUWAITNETS's IT structure is also evolving in providing excellent solutions to businesses and clients. Its cloud services, online payment services, digitalization, and web development are great contributions to society and business. Advancements in technology have reduced human efforts, and its involvement has increased work capability in all sects of life. This turned out to be a positive transformation because humans can now work on other important tasks and do more innovations. 

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