Why is Django the Most Popular Python Framework?

Written by Najmuddin Garhiwala

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Why is Django the Most Popular Python Framework?


The industry of application and web needs rapid development in order to be a step ahead in this competitive economy. In the light of that drive, everyone wishes to offer the best of the best without having their users compromise on the latest features and updates. Prior to taking the major decision in association with the python framework, it is significant that you go for the best. It is a known fact that web frameworks and libraries play a huge role in defining the web application that you desire.  

Django, one of the best and ideal python frameworks, fulfills all the essential web development requirements of corporations and hence, has become their favorite. The JetBrains Developer’s Survey, which was conducted in 2020 and on 19,000 web plus developers, has proudly revealed that Django is the most preferred among all. 

Django is a Python web framework allowing rapid development of maintainable and secure websites. Developed by experienced professionals, Django takes care of all the hassle which is generally involved in web development, enabling you to concentrate more on writing your app, exclusive the need to reinvent the wheel. Being an open and free source, it enjoys an active and thriving community, great documentation, and various other options for free and paid support. 

Below are the reasons why Django has emerged to be the favorite of web developers:

  • Swiftness 

This python framework is envisioned in a manner to facilitate the developers in performing functions at a rapid pace. Right from ideation to implementation, it helps do everything in an efficient and cost-effective manner without having to compromise the deadline.

  • Fully-Loaded

Django often acts as an all-in-one solution for all the fundamental requirements of a development project. Furthermore, there are some additional features such as content administration, RSS feeds, user authentication, sitemaps, and other vital features making the total development of projects extremely competent as it is presented by default. With various perspectives taken care of by this extraordinary framework itself, it is quite explicit for the developers to concentrate upon other important parameters.

  • High-Security Standards 

Aspiring developers often make mistakes related to security. A few of the elementary mistakes are cross-site request forgery, SQL injection, clickjacking, and cross-site scripting. Although, while you’re performing a project using Django, security worries end as the feature of user authentication enables you to build at least a layer of effective protection.

  • Versatile

Django has been utilized to build almost any and every type of website, starting from wikis to content management systems, through social networks as well as news sites. It has the ability to work with every client-side framework and is known to deliver content in largely any format comprising HTML, JSON, RSS feeds, XML, etc.

  • Scalable 

Django utilizes a component-based architecture, ‘shared-nothing,’ i.e., each fragment of the architecture is autonomous of the others and therefore can be changed or replaced whenever needed. Owing to an explicit separation betwixt the various parts refers to the fact that it has the ability to scale for improved traffic via adding hardware: database servers, caching servers, or application servers. 

  • Maintainable 

Django code has been written utilizing patterns and design principles that support the creation of reusable as well as maintainable code. Specifically, it makes utilization of the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle so that it remains exclusive of unnecessary duplication, diminishing the amount of code as well. Django even advertises the grouping of associated functionality into reusable applications; at a lower level, it groups associated code into modules. 

  • Conclusion 

Django Python framework is the perfect choice for large-scale web app development. Your corporation should indeed use the powerful features of this Python framework so as to digitize as well as market your products. 

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