Habits to look for in your Technology Partner

Written by Amal Samir

Amal is a Computer Systems Engineer. Currently working in the sales team providing the best experience and the best solutions to the customers. Amal believes that Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks and having fun.

Picking tech partners requires taking a gander at how those companies play with others. You need to make sure that your existing tech is compatible and can easily integrate with the new technologies provided by your partner. Numerous tech accomplices will be keen on such collaboration, however not all will. It is critical to recognize what to search for in the tech company to guarantee that you collaborate with a business that you can depend on.

Must have habits for technology partners:

1.Looking after the overall experience not only the bottom line

Almost all the tech companies that you partner with will help you develop to increase your profits. After all, most business is driven by the ultimate goal of making money and hight profitability. But I do believe that creating an exceptional customer experience requires more than just focusing on profits. It requires a firm that understands the ongoing improvement required, which in turn necessitates cross-pollination.

You want an expert partner that avoids tech silos that inhibits both companies and customers. 

Also, the partner should be willing to accept constructive feedback to better themselves and their services. Sharing of knowledge and experience makes it a mutually successful relationship for both. 

2. Teamwork

It may be hard to ask your tech partner to treat your business and your other tech associates as a team member, but you can achieve goals only with team players. The fear of missing extra earning can scare a lot of companies away, but with companies that believe in quality work, losing little extra earnings to produce quality results through teamwork will not matter as much. 

3. Maintain a long term relationship

Many times the best outcomes are just attainable through long haul arranging and execution. Some tech companies prefer short term relationships or one time projects that are more profit-making.   

But these tech partners fail to realize that the benefits they get in short term business will be minimal in comparison to the long term partnership if done right. Tech companies with experience see the importance of such long term relationships and are more likely to work towards mutual goals.

4. Desire to contribute to the partnership

Companies should be willing to facilitate a successful partnership by being 100% transparent and provide 100% access to their technology stack. By giving full access to their partners, the tech partners can understand the existing tech they have and can optimize and integrate it faster with the current tech. IF a tech partner has to push hard for access, it might take longer for them to integrate and optimize the systems. They may not be able to provide satisfactory results.  

5. Seek regular and open communication

Regular and scheduled communication is the key to any project. The partner needs to communicate with you. Before starting the project, both parties should agree on a communication plan, which includes regular updates, scheduled meetings. You should be able to contact the partner at a reasonable time in emergencies, and they should be available. You need to understand what the partner expects from you once the agreement is signed and vice versa. IT, the point of contact, is a non-technical personal, then it needs to be told the tech partner to be very clear with instructions to avoid misunderstandings.

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